Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration

Siding Update #3

I’m having spending time at the house withdrawal. Come on spring!!!

January was pretty awful, health-wise, for me. I had a little cold (not too bad, but kept me from the gym and I slept a lot) for about a week. Then, just as I returned to the gym, my stomach went nutzo (possibly from some gluten cross-contamination at a restaurant and possibly from my terrible immune system) . So the last week of January has been a game of “Can Jenna keep food down today?”

There have been lots of bananas in my life recently.

The things I do for this silly body….I hope it’s appreciative!

The garage is fully sided now! Which is SUCH a relief because January weather was AWFUL and made it very difficult.






So now it’s time to move on up higher on the house. Let’s hope February is good to us, both with weather and my immune system.

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