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Homestead Hobbies

Hobbies, or interests that take time away from work, cleaning or dog caregiving, haven’t ever been a high priority for me. But I’ve slowly been trying to get involved with some activities that fall into more of a “hobby” category. Continue reading “Homestead Hobbies”

Personal Essays

Gus’s One Year Anniversary

Yes, I’m completely obsessed with a large black and white dog who follows me underfoot everywhere I go. I mean, how could I not be? No person or other living thing has ever liked me as much as this dog does. Continue reading “Gus’s One Year Anniversary”

Personal Essays

Instant Karma

As the weeks wore on before the big move into the house, I tried my very best to amp up my excitement. Just a few months before, I would have screamed with joy at moving into our home on our land. But I was having trouble mustering emotions. I am still having trouble finding any emotions; a sure sign the the dark cloud is slowly lifting. Depression strikes me with waves of emotional outbursts followed by complete apathy before it subsides. So I have been biding my time and riding the storm out. The transition began; I sent a letter to our landlord giving our thirty days notice. And then I promptly broke out in a rash.

The last gift my neighbor’s cat brought me before we moved. At least this one was dead, she tortured the last mouse in front of me before chomping on its neck. I do admire her tenacity.

Continue reading “Instant Karma”

Personal Essays

Never Take A Single Breath for Granted


It began with a strange smell or scent in the air. A sixth sense I have. Then  some sneezing and wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe in). Eventually my  lungs start itching. It escalates quickly….far too quickly. It’s an itch I can’t scratch. My fingernails want to claw deep inside my chest cavity and break open my ribs, when in fact my lungs aren’t itching at all. It’s my body. My body warning me that I am not getting any oxygen to my lungs and into my blood stream.  A wimpy cough comes out. It’s not deep, it’s a not cough from deep down inside my gut. It isn’t wet with phlegm or even dry and hacking. It’s shallow…it’s breathy. Oh geez. It’s my asthma. Continue reading “Never Take A Single Breath for Granted”