How to Use This Blog

Thank you for checking out the site! Every post on the blog is broken down into categories, and in some cases, subcategories. With the exception of House and Acreage Restoration, you will find all categories to be self explanatory, with the most recent blog posted first.

You can also navigate the site by the calendar in the sidebar (or footer if you are in the mobile version).

In House and Acreage Restoration, if you’d like to follow the Homestead project, then select the main heading to access all the blog posts about the restoration project. To start from the beginning either scroll back to “see older posts” or click here to start from the beginning. (A video of the house pre-demolition). If, however, you’d like to follow a specific aspect of the restoration process (for example: Deconstruction), select that subcategory under the House and Acreage Restoration heading.

You can also view the short, strange and unusual videos from the restoration by accessing our youtube channel here. That is, if you are tired of scrolling down and reading my attempt at construction storytelling, which is very lacking. I wouldn’t blame you in the slightest.

The other headings are much more straightforward, though also contain somewhat winded and laborious writing. What can I say? It’s kind of my thing.

Feel free to leave a comment or question about any of the house process….or other attempts at rural life I try. We like to stay in touch out here in among the fields of corns and beans! Thank you for visiting!