February and March. Snowy and icy and muddy. Right now we seem to be moving back and forth between all three stages of the end of winter. We have the snow that melts, that makes the streets muddy and then it all freezes into sheets of ice covering the ground. Continue reading “Snow.”

House and Acreage Restoration, Yardwork

Clearing the Ruble

Taking a moment’s breath after a long, hot day working to lift and remove the giant tree trunk.

About a year, plus a few days, ago we had a large thunderstorm that produced crazy gusts across the homestead, causing two large black walnut trees to be ripped from the ground by their roots.  Continue reading “Clearing the Ruble”

House and Acreage Restoration, Yardwork

A Brief Easter Update 

For some time I have been wanting to compile a post with a completed project…or, at the very least, one that felt like it had a beginning and an end.

But that hasn’t been the case because there are a number of small projects in the works that are moving along slow and steady, like the tortoise in the race.

So here is some photographic evidence of what has been happening. A complete story will come about at some point I’m sure. Continue reading “A Brief Easter Update “

House and Acreage Restoration, Yardwork

Goodbye Half-Dead Tree

See that tree sticking out by the front of the house? That's the 1/2 dead maple.
See that tree sticking out by the front of the house? That’s the 1/2 dead maple.

The large maple tree in front of our house is finally gone.

It was 1/2 dead. It was in danger of falling onto our roof (which would have been heartbreaking for both the amount of time put into making that roof and for cleaning up such a large tree). Continue reading “Goodbye Half-Dead Tree”