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Are You Afraid of the Dark? 

*Disclaimer….ummm..apparently I didn’t set a date to publish this entry I wrote back in the beginning of December. Good job, Jenna. Way to be on top of things! 

In my last homestead entry I mentioned that Tyler was hoping for the weather to hold off so he could shingle the west side of the shed.  Continue reading “Are You Afraid of the Dark? “

Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Tyler’s Tour (Part I)

On the anniversary of us becoming homeowners, Tyler and I recorded a video tour of the house, pre-dry wall. He hasn’t spoken much about the house process since last fall and so there are blog posts here and there about what was happening, but all from my point of view. Albeit hilariously inaccurate at times, my point of view would not be helpful to the mechanically-minded person. Continue reading “Tyler’s Tour (Part I)”

Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

The Second Electric Panel

So….I was updating the blog here and noticed I had a post written quite awhile ago that I forgot to publish. This is said post. It was written this winter. Better late than never, right? 


Besides the electrical panel in the basement, Tyler also wanted his own panel in the garage. This is practical in many ways (do you like running an electrical cord from inside your house to power your air compressor?), but I found it in interesting that he put it in himself. Continue reading “The Second Electric Panel”

Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Here Comes the Sun


After the electric inspector okayed everything, Tyler called up the insulation crew. We decided on foam insulation to really make sure the house is buttoned up well. The company was able to come out two days after the phone call due to the unseasonably warm weather we are having this week. It was a Pedersen miracle! Continue reading “Here Comes the Sun”