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Hey Guess What? We’re Still Siding

Siding the house…this is something that won’t be done anytime soon. Oh the dear, dear weather. How treacherous it makes this work. You either can’t side well because it’s above freezing and the ground is mud, or you try to side when it’s below freezing and it’s so cold the pieces of siding actually break when you try to nail them to the house.

Regardless of the topsy-turvy siding issues, one thing is true. I am learning to use my iPhone camera much better. The key of course, is the filters. This allows you to have excellent light no matter what the actual light conditions are outside. As we all know, it can be sunny, cloudy, snowy, icy, rainy and dusty all in the same day in the Midwest.

So when a single person is siding their house is less than favorable conditions, here are the steps.

STEP 1: Line your new piece of siding up with the spacers.


STEP 2: Drill a small hole to start your nail, then hammer a nail in by hand, very carefully and lightly so as not to break the board.


STEP 3: Place your tin shingle and measure the distance for the next board.


STEP 4: Cut the next board and then seal the ends with a paint primer that can take the cold weather and seals in one hour.


STEP 5: Find something else to do for an hour while the board is drying…oh look! Our friendly herd of deer run by and I try to catch them on camera (they don’t like publicity).

STEP 6: Admire your work.



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