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The Great Siding Move of 2014

The Drop off location of the siding.
The Drop off location of the siding.

Way back around Halloween, the lumber yard delivered our siding. In the yard. Around 350 pieces. The first week I spent painting, I painted about 90 pieces of siding. Moved, little by little into the house and painted in a warmer environment.

Siding that has been painted.
Siding that has been painted.

But then the weather forecasters predicted snow.

And, ironically enough, cement siding cannot be left out in very cold weather. It is okay when it is attached to the house, but not just sitting there.

So I had something like 252 pieces of siding to move inside to protect it from the snow.

The siding that had to be moved in before the snow.
The siding that had to be moved in before the snow.

The first third, I moved one at a time through the south door. Having to step up about two feet into the door with the siding.

The second third (which I tackled after lunch) I tried to do more quickly by carrying two at a time up the south door.

My lower back starting hurting really badly.

After the second third was done, I laid on the floor of the house for a little while to stretch out my back.

Then it started sprinkling. So I had to step it up for the last third. The siding could not get wet. But by that point, tears filled my eyes while I was moving the siding. I went back to carrying one at a time and walked around the east side of the house and in through the front door, so I didn’t have to step up two feet into the house. With my lower back numb, the aching just moved up to the middle of the back, to my upper back and then my neck and shoulders.

The siding was on a very beautiful palate.
The siding was on a very beautiful palate.

Tyler helped with the last thirty or so…because I was moving slow as molasses.

However, the weather this past week has been into the negative digits for windchill and the ten-day forecast is not looking any better. With this type of luck, the painting is at an absolute halt (even with 50,000 btus of propane heat blowing inside the house.

So it looks like there will be another great siding move this coming weekends to a controlled climate so the remaining boards can be painted.

Now, mother nature has been very cooperative these past six months…but it we have six more months of below freezing weather I am going on strike. I don’t know what I’m going to be on strike for, but the ridiculous-ness of this cold is infuriating.



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