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Painting the Town Red (Or….just my clothes)

I have had one task assigned to me.

One tiny little, itty bitty thing to accomplish to be a productive member of this house building team.

Paint the siding red.

But sometimes, it seems as if the universe is against your plans. It’s throwing down the gauntlet and saying to you, “I don’t care how motivated you are or what your work ethic is, I, the universe, will throw every obstacle in your way possible.”

It gives me a headache.

About four weeks ago we had our first snow and had to move all the siding inside. We had about a week of temperatures above freezing (in the 30 degree Farenheit range), then the temperature dropped. Drastically.

It has been a mostly consistent month of less than 20 degrees outside. Windchills down in the negative teens. I live in Iowa, so I do expect this kind of weather, don’t get me wrong. But in November? We usually don’t get this kind of cold until January. It’s slightly infuriating.

Fortunately, while I was playing drums at Shrek the Musical, my dear husband and our brother-in-law moved all the siding I spent one whole day moving to a friend’s heated shop. That way, I could still paint and get the paint cured (paint needs 24 hours in above freezing temperatures in order not to flake off).

The Siding inside the heated shop.
The Siding inside the heated shop.

So, I spent several 10 hour days at the shop of this incredibly gracious person painting and paining and painting. He even helped out a little bit. I was on a roll. I figured out how to paint between 30-35 boards in eight hours. At this rate, I’d be done in eight, eight hour days. And we could give this gracious man his shop back.

My set-up.
My set-up.

But then I ran out of paint. There was no problem though! I had already ordered four more cans of paint two weeks before and knew I could just run down to the store to pick them up.

79 boards were painted before I ran out of paint almost two weeks ago….
79 boards were painted before I ran out of paint almost two weeks ago….

Until I got to the store. And they ordered the wrong paint! They had four cans waiting for me in the wrong color, the wrong type (oil instead of latex), and the wrong BRAND!


“It’s these cans! He hates these cans!” (A Little Jay H. Humour)

And so, for the past week and a half, I have been sitting idle. Waiting for the CORRECT paint to arrive. Each day I count down….down to the fact that had my paint order been correct, I would be be done painting this week. Instead, I’ll be lucky if I’m done by Christmas.

By which time, My paint clothes will be entirely covered in red paint. And I suppose that means I’ll be a festive person for the Holiday season.

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