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Goodbye Half-Dead Tree

See that tree sticking out by the front of the house? That's the 1/2 dead maple.
See that tree sticking out by the front of the house? That’s the 1/2 dead maple.

The large maple tree in front of our house is finally gone.

It was 1/2 dead. It was in danger of falling onto our roof (which would have been heartbreaking for both the amount of time put into making that roof and for cleaning up such a large tree). Continue reading “Goodbye Half-Dead Tree”

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Jenna Gets to Demo Some More

A little injury when I was using a sharp object….I cannot be trusted...
A little injury when I was using a sharp object….I cannot be trusted…

I feel best about demolition.

I think it’s because you don’t really “wreck” anything when you are tearing it apart. I don’t need special skills, it’s just manual labor. So I feel I can really get “into” a demo. Continue reading “Jenna Gets to Demo Some More”

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Home Wreckers


For those of you unaware, earlier this fall we were suffering from theft in our home. No, nothing of “value” was stolen. Just my Black Walnuts.

It was a mystery. The Walnuts had begun to go missing by the dozen every night we left the house. I found no walnut remains anywhere. It was either a ghost or a very clever varmint.

Appears the latter is true. Continue reading “Home Wreckers”

Personal Essays

The One True Thing I Know After Thirty Years

SDSU Drumline
SDSU Drumline-I have no idea what year this is

Disclaimer: I just want to make clear, from the beginning, that in no way do I fault or want to discredit SDSU as a fantastic collegiate option for students in music or in other studies. There is and has been an incredible amount of talent in the faculty and  the amazing people  I attended  school with (including my husband) are amazing because of the music department at SDSU. I had amazing teachers and friends in Brookings. The struggles described below I had in my scholastic studies and relationships are purely of my own doing and search to find a place where I felt I could “fit in.”  Continue reading “The One True Thing I Know After Thirty Years”

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The Three Big Installations

A beautiful fall sunset
A beautiful fall sunset

Don’t you just LOVE fall? Oh October has always been my favorite month. Yes, my birthday is in October, but it’s more than that. It’s the sound of leaves crunching under your feet. It’s the oranges and reds and yellows in the tree tops. It’s the smell of burning leaves and pumpkin spices. It’s peacoats and boots and a slight nip in the air in the early mornings and evenings. Continue reading “The Three Big Installations”