House and Acreage Restoration, Yardwork

Into the Woods (Part II)

Alright, are you ready for the crazy cool stuff? (I get so overly excited about this kind of thing, I’m sure a nut about finding old stuff!)

Let me explain some backstory, and then we’ll get right to the photos. Our property use to be right next to a railroad track. The tracks don’t exist anymore. Continue reading “Into the Woods (Part II)”

Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration


Two pairs of long johns, construction pants, long sleeved shirt, running cold weather shirt, sweatshirt, larger sweatshirt, down vest, hooded sweatshirt, thermawear jacket (that I couldn’t zip from all my layers), two turtle furs, stocking cap, arm warmers, gloves, hand warmers, gloves, thermawear gloves and two pairs of wool socks.

For those of you who live in warmer climates (and NO, New York City and Boston do NOT count as cold climates, sorry, anyone in the plains states would agree with me here), we have a little cold weather health condition known as FROSTBITE. Continue reading “Frostbite”