Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Two of Us

This past week there was some heavy asbestos work being done. Since school is out for the summer, Tyler had more opportunities to be at the house working than myself. And, in that time, he put up the plastic sheeting around the kitchen to remove the asbestos tiles on the floor.

The poor guy had to do this in some pretty heavy-duty heat. When he arrived home after the first night of asbestos removal in the full-blown suit, he was drenched. As if he had been in a rain storm. Here’s the get-up on the last day of asbestos removal:


Now, I couldn’t be in the house during this process (nor could anyone else hence the title of this post-this past week was mostly just me and him). So what’s a girl to do? Prune. She gets the clippers and tries to wrangle the weeds and additional trees trying to pop up in the yard. All of these little trees are practically suffocated by other trees trying to start up in the exact same spot. We also, as I have previously mentioned, have quite a bit of poisonous, fake rhubarb called “Elephant Ear” and this Stinging Needles plant. Sometimes these plants spring up just overnight! Here is a sample of what the tree base looks like before:


And what it looked like after pruning:


But now, the tile is removed and we are all safe from that dangerous asbestos!


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