Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Carry That Weight


Despite the rain we’ve been having, it was time for the roof to come off! My gem of a husband spent several days pulling everything down. We had already received the delivery of the new trusses and they were just sitting in the yard…awaiting their role in the new house.

First came pulling off the shingles. We had two helpers in clearing up the shingles, who I will call Arizona and St. Paul. (Yes, their nicknames just may have something to do with where they are from! Hope you two had a safe trip back home!)


Then these boards (which had the shingles attached to them) had to come down. Fun fact from Tyler-the itty bitty tiny sharp as hell nails in these boards are there from wooden shingles-which would have been the original style shingles that were put on the house in 1900. I find that delightful. The image in my head of what this place looked like gets more clear everyday. I moved the boards to the dumpster. They had spent 115 years on the house, so they were dry and cracked and not salvageable for use.

The rest (that is usable plywood) will likely be the new sides of the shed.

This side of the roof has an ungodly terribly pitch. I believe I was told it is at about a 45 degree angle and was quite difficult to maintain balance on when the dew was on the roof in the mornings-gravity will get you every time.


Once the roof was off I thought about how nice it was to have such a large skylight. Almost like sleeping under the stars. Days like this make me feel the shock and awe of how we have literally torn apart an entire house…just to rebuild it again. How crazy is that?


Too bad it’s raining now…but it will help keep the dust down, right?




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