Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Mean Mr. Mustard

I’m still trying the Beatles titles thing, though I’m not sure it fits, it is a catchy tune! And I think my little shop vac is suited by the name.

Apparently, I’m not such a great job explaining some of the house happenings. But, because I’m at work all day, and things seem to change daily, I will try my best to not mix up what is going on. And, likely, I will just stick to explaining what I am doing and hopefully I don’t mess that up!

Thanks to a generous in-kind loan from the fella’s in-laws, I now can vacuum. This little guy may be small, but he is powerful!


A broom and dustpan can only get you so far with the dust that has been sitting in these wall. Why, after I started vacuuming, I couldn’t believe it! The wood floors weren’t some dark stained wood-but a light wood. The intensity and amount of dust that was on top of them just covered them up!


So this little guy and me have been traveling all over the house, especially into the crevices along the plywood flooring and even up some of the walls to get down to even less dust. And what a workout it is for him! In the addition, I had to empty the canister after every other divided stud on the wall-it was that dirty.

Which only proves one thing. Stuff made in 1900-solid. Stuff made in 1967-rocky. Stuff the Pedersen’s are making will too be solid.

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