Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Baby You’re a Rich Man

As a little girl I had this premonition. Or, maybe you’d just call it a feeling. I felt as though my future would lead me to some grand peace or conclusion about life that alluded me as a child. I could see myself-as if through a fuzzy lens-as a grown-up. Oh if I could go back and speak to her (ahem, I mean myself). How I wonder what she would think of what I have grown into.

I think this time travel concept is a result of a little brother’s obession with watching the Back to the Future trilogoy obessively.

Staple-pulling tool
Staple-pulling tool

And as I sat using this ancient tool to pull up staples, I finally just had to deal with the fact that my life is a different. My wonderful friends have jobs and growing families and homes. Goodness-by the time my mom was my age she already had three children and had been married for twelve years!

I am on a different path than many women my age, and if that sounds cryptic to you, well, then, it probably is. Life is a pretty miraculous thing, I hope you always remember that.

So, when little things like staple pulling show up in my life, I am estatic. I’m fascinated by doing laboreous tasks. (I must not have gotten enough of that in my youth). Having practical skills and learning practical skills are way undervalued nowadays.

So here is my latest little skill (that I have not mastered as well as Tyler-story of my life).



You slide the fingers under the staple.



Pull the staple off. (This is the last step if you’re Tyler).



Since you only pulled half the staple out, now re grip the staple with your staple puller to actually get the whole staple out.

Repeat 4000 times over the next two days.

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