Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Mean Mr. Mustard

I’m still trying the Beatles titles thing, though I’m not sure it fits, it is a catchy tune! And I think my little shop vac is suited by the name.

Apparently, I’m not such a great job explaining some of the house happenings. But, because I’m at work all day, and things seem to change daily, I will try my best to not mix up what is going on. And, likely, I will just stick to explaining what I am doing and hopefully I don’t mess that up! Continue reading “Mean Mr. Mustard”

Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Baby You’re a Rich Man

As a little girl I had this premonition. Or, maybe you’d just call it a feeling. I felt as though my future would lead me to some grand peace or conclusion about life that alluded me as a child. I could see myself-as if through a fuzzy lens-as a grown-up. Oh if I could go back and speak to her (ahem, I mean myself). How I wonder what she would think of what I have grown into. Continue reading “Baby You’re a Rich Man”