Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

“Burnt Out “

As someone who has suffered the effects of gluten on my body, I try to make it a point to listen to the signs my body gives me. Sometimes your spirit is willing to keep going, but the body is weak. It will let you know. It will start to retaliate if you push beyond your breaking point. Believe me, I know.

One of the few ways a body talks to your mind is by sending you pain. All kinds of pain. If people listening more inattentively to these signals, it would help us all learn what actions can keep us healthy and what actions inhibit our ability to function and do the best we can.

Even, so, sometimes our mind just does not get it.

Panorama Views of the Gutted Upstairs

As I sat rifting through the plaster of yet another room…filling bins in a revolving cycle…using both hands to lift the industrial dust pan…a bemused husband looked down at me. “I think we might call this an early night. You are looking pretty dang tired. No need to get burnt out this early in the game. This is gonna be a long year and it’s only week two!”

I scoffed. But as my husband is the foreman of our little construction duo, I knew I had to listen to upper management. So, I trekked out to the dumpster (already overflowing and needing to be emptied before we could move on to more rooms) and threw away carpet tacking and drywall over the side. My right shoulder was aching every time I tried to heave a piece just a little too awkward for my strength. “Geez,” I thought, “Maybe I am slowing down.”

When we arrived back at the Candy Tycoon’s home (where we are graciously being allowed to stay during the demolition and reconstruction), I began to inspect. My knees are covered yellow, green and purple bruises. One of the bruises is probably an inch and 1/2 in length. My left forearm has a gash across the back of it-as if someone came at me with a knife. The middle of my back has this silver dollar sized red gash from where some renegade drywall came crashing down on top of me. And everyday after working, I spend the evening massaging my hands so that my fingers will straighten out again. (Maybe I have arthritis…..or maybe I just have hypochondria)?


Today, at the office, I took a roundabout narrative trying to ask another staff member what it is you do when there are other business people around and you are trying to connect with them to built relationships and sometimes its with work and sometimes its just for fun….”Networking?” was her response. “Yes!” I replied. Why the hell couldn’t I remember the word networking? Probably because trying to sleep next to a man who is snoring and breathing impaired thanks to hours spent inside a dusty/insulation and plaster ridden home is really cutting out on my REM cycles.

Yeah, I’d say it’s time for a break. And, not surprisingly, one was already built into the schedule. Tyler has a spring concert on Thursday, so that night will be demolition-free. Hopefully that will help me recover, to be more effective for Friday night’s demolition.

First step to building your dream home, “Don’t get burnt out!”


1 thought on ““Burnt Out “”

  1. Love your post Jenna and am following daily with much anticipation of what will come next. 🙂 (I kinda already know as Dan and I remodeled a duplex. One side was bad enough but after it was done we had to start all over and do the other side) Bummer 😦

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