House and Acreage Restoration

The Homestead: Before

As it turns out, the demolition (or renovation depending on your perspective) of the Pedersen Homestead began immediately. As we find ourselves in a time crunch and, after so much pent up energy awaiting the day when we would actually own this home, myself and the fella just wanted to get out there and get to work.

But, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share what the house and property looked like “before.” As in, before we did anything to make it our own. While the house itself isn’t in bad shape, it hasn’t been lived in for at least six or seven years-naturally that makes the house be in a slightly strange condition. It has been shut up, so the mustiness was quite pronounced. And for all of you with that sixth sense known as allergies, I think you understand the feeling of walking into an old home and immediately knowing that there is mold and dust about the air. It hits your nose like a superpower nobody ever wants to have.

The first night we owned the home, myself and superwoman (aka my mother in law) picked up sticks. Ha. If only it were sticks. We actually combed the acreage gathering branches of all sizes that had fallen. Which included, sawing some off the trees. Because walking around the homestead and hearing cracking noises above one’s head is a little disturbing. I can just picture the day one will fall and I will knocked out until someone walking by with their dog discovers my body.



The next morning, superwoman and I headed back to the homestead and did more intense trimming. I worked over a lilac tree that was seriously out of control. (Apparently, those type of trees try to suffocate themselves by sprouting additional branches off the original branches until it looks like some type of deep infestation of little shoots coming out of the main trunk). Me and the lilac tree became quite entangled at times, literally, so its a good beginning of a relationship.

My in-laws worked on a red cedar. Which, we didn’t realize we had. The wood inside the tree is blood red and emits the most glorious smell. The thinking is that this poor tree was hit by lightning, as we had to trim off quite a few branches that were hanging dangerously low and dead.

By the end of the day, the pile of branches was larger than myself. Almost six feet tall and about eight feet long. Larger than the current picture I am showing up above. Bonfire anyone? (Just kidding city of SL-I know we can’t have a large bonfire in our yard!)


And here is the outside of the house pre-demolition. But, post weeding. Ah, she’s a beaut, ain’t she? The siding is an interesting color. And there are an awful lot of additions, but she’s 114 year old, so we try not to judge too much.

Now, I also took an extensive video tour of inside the house (as the light and the camera angles didn’t allow me to adequately show what the house looks like). However, I can’t for the live of me, figure out how I am going to upload this video onto this blog. So, bear with me, while I try to figure that out.

Although I want to keep up with the blog so my friends and family can watch the progress, this blog will be a bit of a delay. Since, each day we are moving further, I am writing about the day or two before. But worry not! I am dedicated to documenting this incredible feat-as we have been dreaming about it for so long. Currently, there is a giant hole in the wall upstairs and the wood paneling has been peeled from the walls. But…I shall not tempt you too much with the work that has been done, before showing you the actual house “before.”

Stay tuned for the video tour!