Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

“Oh Crap! Lathe and Plaster!”

When restoring an old home to its original glory, there are bound to be surprises. Some pleasant…some not so. Just two days ago, I was marveling on how fortunate we had been thus far. A complete upstairs demolition with only one little roof hiccup (see yesterday’s video if you missed it). But there we were. In a home that is 114 years old and we had no bats, varmints, termites or carpenter ants or bad rot that caused any foundation or safety issues. Sure, the laziness of former owners kept creeping up (short cuts don’t mean light work in the end when you are the person determined to repair a house the correct way!), but we were lucky. Continue reading ““Oh Crap! Lathe and Plaster!””