Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

A Door for the Leaning Building

The spot where the door is going to go, from the inside view.

This past weekend, despite working on several projects simultaneously, the fella completed putting a door into the leaning building.

The actual door…it was pretty dark in the shed, the lighting on my iPhone was not working well.

I didn’t even know a door was going into the leaning building. But I often feel behind on what’s happening these days. Actually, I feel a bit like I’m walking through water. Causing everything I do to be in slow motion. I have no idea why I have this notion, I just try to roll with it.

Working on the header.

A lot of the door installation was familiar to me. T had to make a header to support the weight of the wall. This was made more interesting by the fact the cross bracing inside the building wasn’t quite done right? (Er….I’m forgetting a lot about the building. I should’ve been taking notes).

The spot where the door will go.

Despite the fact the building is no longer actually leaning, the concrete bases for the walls aren’t level. So T had to use shims and then plane the shims to even them out for the frame of the door.

Shimming (is that a word?) the footer so it’s level.

The door doesn’t have a handle yet, but that is because he prefers matching hardware, so one must be ordered.

There it is!

Interestingly, I learned some other information about the building’s restoration I wasn’t aware of. I guess the whole thing will be re-sided, to match the house. (Gosh I hope he doesn’t ask me to paint the boards…that was a fiasco). And there will also be some windows added.

As I mentioned at the top of the post, this was one of many projects he has been working hard on. So, this may be a summer of many blog posts!

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