Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration

The Patch Job

You guys! Tyler is killing it at the homestead! (Uh….I actually don’t know who I’m talking to, my parents I guess? Perhaps I shouldn’t be using the informal “you guys” to address them. Sorry parents!).

Weather being what it is, and the time it takes to order and deliver items for the house projects, I’m afraid I don’t have the most amazing photos to show you at this moment.

Soon. Very soon!

But one thing that DID get completed at the homestead was a patch job where the addition of the house meets the original four-square.

In this location, giant rocks (the basement and foundation walls) were removed as we *ahem-Tyler and friends* created a new concrete foundation with the foam brick things. One of the issues, however, was that the corner wasn’t…ummm…I dunno…sealed?

I’m gonna get major flack from my description of this project.

Anyway, the point is, Tyler needed to dig a bit, and fill in the adjoining corners with cement. Despite the rain we’ve been experiencing for half a week, while this project was happening, it had been dry for a few weeks.

Now, this whole project confused the heck outta me. I remember taking some ruggedly handsome pictures of T wearing a flannel shirt in the fall of 2015, repairing a similar corner of the house. But apparently that was a different patch job that only dealt with the original four-square.

So….this is different. But in a very similar location.

It doesn’t take much to confuse me on what’s happening. Especially when several projects are being worked on simultaneously. Poor T. Butchering the work he’s doing by my terrible explanations!

So the cement was mixed, the dog getting right in the action trying to be helpful, and the corner was patched.

Another little project done. A few big ones coming soon.

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