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Gus’s One Year Anniversary

Yes, I’m completely obsessed with a large black and white dog who follows me underfoot everywhere I go. I mean, how could I not be? No person or other living thing has ever liked me as much as this dog does. And, he may not actually like me, I may just be the distributer of food and tasty items as well as the person who takes him on outdoor adventures…but I’m not picky. If that creates an unhealthy owner/pet relationship, then I will forever have an unhealthy relationship with him.

In fact, I’m trying to figure out how to take him on a vacation this summer. I mean, it would be wonderful if Tyler would also tag along. He just isn’t the kind of person who is into traveling (which I’ve always found terribly interesting since he is also the type of person who never likes to hang around home…EVER).

In continuing with my introverted nerdness, I spent a couple of hours today relearning iMovie (Apple-why do you TORTURE me with constantly changing your programs and getting rid of all their most excellent features!) and making a Gus Adoption Anniversary Video.

I adore making little videos. I’m a total amateur, but I find it completely enthralling and the hours fly by.

And making a video and having it feature Gus? It’s like peanut butter and chocolate.

If you were not aware of the backstory, Gus came into our lives very suddenly (we had a few hours of notice) due to the unexpected death of his owner. A gentlemen who actually read every post I ever published and occasionally commented on them. Everytime I feel a little tired about taking Gus out for the fifth mile of walking for the day, I think of his owner and what a tough transition it was for Gus to leave the only home he remembers and move in with a couple of crazy musicians. That makes me gather my strength, put on my seven layers of below freezing clothing and take the dog out to walk the trails. I want more than the best for Gus because he had such an abrupt life change…and because adopting an adult dog makes me feel like I’m living on borrowed time. We may have anywhere from five to ten more years with him. Who knows? I just don’t want to be in the position thinking about how I could have/should have spent more time with him when I had the chance.

That turned morbid more quickly than I anticipated. The dangers of working in Hospice….many ponderings about your own death as well as the death of those you love.

Anyway, here is my ode to the Gus pup. (I hope youtube doesn’t silence the excellent music that is the soundtrack to this video, I am very particular about my music selection in videos to aid the mood…but you never know when your video will be silenced).

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