February and March. Snowy and icy and muddy. Right now we seem to be moving back and forth between all three stages of the end of winter. We have the snow that melts, that makes the streets muddy and then it all freezes into sheets of ice covering the ground. I would say in previous years, this was always frustrating and resulted in being cooped up inside all day. But with Gus, I don’t mind so much. It’s made me much more aware of what type of weather is truly awful and what one needs to do in order to be out in the other types of weather.

The Lincoln Coat, photo from vautecouture.com

For example, I purchased this “sleeping bag” coat this year. It’s by Vaute. A company out of NYC that makes vegan coats designed and manufactured in the states where the employees make a living wage. I’m not vegan, I just wanted a really, super warm and long coat that I could walk in. This is the WARMEST coat I’ve ever worn. In fact, it’s too warm to walk the dog in when it’s warmer than twenty degrees outside. Now THAT is a good coat. (Photo by vautecouture.com. Coat is The Lincoln).

On the downside, the sleeves are not long enough for my arms (although I’m not very tall-I’m only 5’7). So I use an elbow length glove that I wear under the coat so no skin is exposed when I lift my arms up.

Ummm…this is not sponsored. I’m just really impressed with this coat. Feel free to check them out. The coats are expensive, but I purchased mine in August and saved a couple hundred dollars.

Okay…well back to snow.

I’m curious as to whether or not Tyler enjoys the snow more (he’s always loved the cold weather as he does not freeze the way I do) now that he has “toys” to play with in the snow.

Like his tractor.

The snow broke this evening, so he popped outside and cleared a path for our vehicles.

He looks so rugged and handsome on the tractor in his brown winter coat and hat and beard.


A handsome, rugged man AND a loyal, cuddly pup? What more could a gal want?

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