Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration

The Leaning Building

The start of work on the building. And yes, the building is tied to a black walnut tree with a strap.

Progressing, as you can see some siding has been replaced and the old door in the back is now gone.

Truth is, I have no explanations for the pictures in this post. This summer, with living at the house and taking care of Gus, it feels like I just run from one commitment to another. Tyler has days like these of course, but he has been steadily working on the leaning building.

An X brace inside the walls and chains tied to posts for support of the walls before they could be leveled and supported properly….at least that’s my guess.

As I’ve walked through the building in between the studio and Hospice work, I’m amazed. And then again, not so amazed. Tyler shines when he fixes stuff. Especially when he has to use wood and stuff.

I’m really weak on my construction lingo.

At some point, perhaps when it’s not thundering outside and both of us are home at the same time, I will learn some of the lingo of what is happening to the leaning building.

If you look carefully, these pictures are like one of those kids magazine games where you spot the differences in the two photos. This is just the set-up to begin the work.
There’s lots of new wood here. Much more work goes into straightening the walls-see how they kind of bow out?

What I can say about it, is it is meant to no longer be leaning or a death trap. Rotting siding is being replaced. The frame on which the wall sits on the concrete pad is reinforced and now actually sitting on the concrete pad. It will be re-shingled.

It will be beautiful.

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