House and Acreage Restoration, Yardwork

Clearing the Ruble

Taking a moment’s breath after a long, hot day working to lift and remove the giant tree trunk.

About a year, plus a few days, ago we had a large thunderstorm that produced crazy gusts across the homestead, causing two large black walnut trees to be ripped from the ground by their roots. 

One of the jenga contraptions for helping to lift the huge ass trunk out of the hole.

This year, with the addition of Tyler’s beloved Tractor and engineering mind, the yard is being cleared of the leftover ruble from the storm.

The sun setting as T continues to work out the immense weight of the trunk and root ball.

I’ve missed a lot of picture and really good footage of the process-I’ve been at work. But cleaning up the yard has been a top priority for T.

The remaining root ball.
The trunk has been removed!


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