Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Interior Walls and A Ceiling


While it may have seemed that three walls would be enough for the bottom part of the addition, this is not the case. This part of the house will have a bathroom, a closet for a washer and dryer and a little mudroom with a bench. (Tyler LOVES benches for the putting on and taking off of shoes).


So interior walls were also constructed before the ceiling to the first floor addition went up. Photos are hard to use here because there is just a bunch of wood studs everywhere. You really have to see it in person to understand the flow. But I will try my best.


Once the beams and studs were in place, a second top plate was placed on the ceiling and the beams for the ceiling could be put in.

Upstairs Flooring Cut Out
Upstairs Flooring Cut Out

The flooring needed to attach to the upstairs flooring, and to do so, some of the flooring from upstairs needed to put cut out to the floor could tie in. This was an additional burden due to the uneven floor from when the basement was raised.


But, hey, we’ve got a ceiling!


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