The Way of the Universe 

Five zucchini plants, trying their darnedest to survive the heat and flower.

One day last week, as the sweat rolled down into my eyes as I was trying to count the remaining sweet corn in the latest row I was weeding, I sat up exasperated. There were two. There were two surviving corn plants in a row of twelve. TWO.

I looked around me at the very black soil and sighed. Of the five rows of sweet corn, only about a dozen ears had germinated and were growing.  Continue reading “The Way of the Universe “


2017 Garden Update I

I’m already dreading the weeds.
Y’all last year the weeds were such an obnoxious issue. And with mostly blank, black soil, those little bastards are poking through every day.

The nettles are awful. I’ve been killing them with Dawn dish soap and vinegar before pulling them to avoid being stung by their…well their…stinging nettles…whatever part it is that actually stings. But the wee little besties have still managed to get at me through garden gloves and dead leaves.  Continue reading “2017 Garden Update I”

House and Acreage Restoration, Yardwork

A Brief Easter Update 

For some time I have been wanting to compile a post with a completed project…or, at the very least, one that felt like it had a beginning and an end.

But that hasn’t been the case because there are a number of small projects in the works that are moving along slow and steady, like the tortoise in the race.

So here is some photographic evidence of what has been happening. A complete story will come about at some point I’m sure. Continue reading “A Brief Easter Update “


Cheap Compost Bin 

In last week’s post, I briefly mentioned that I have been trying to be more economical. In fact, the phrase waste not want not was my New Year’s Resolution. Despite approaching the month of April, I haven’t lost track of chanting my mantra to keep my spirits up and really follow through on this goal.

That means doing whatever you have to to utilize free materials and reuse old materials and only spend money you absolutely have to spend.

After starting my little seeds (broccoli is already sprouting!), my next qwest was a compost bin.  Continue reading “Cheap Compost Bin “

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Nowhere Man 

This took a terribly long time to snap the chalk line, likely bc I was involved. I should be fired, but T keeps asking for my help…

It is jazz band season. Did you know there was a season for jazz? Early morning rehearsals, late evening rehearsals, traveling to competitions. This does not include me, only my husband. Which is odd, since I have a Masters in Jazz, but isn’t that just the way life turns out? This is the time of year I generally hunker down inside watching movies like some terrible recluse, alone and trying not to spend any money, dreaming of the upcoming spring when I can go on walks and runs and do yard work.  Continue reading “Nowhere Man “

House and Acreage Restoration

The Longest Week

It’s been one hell of a week. And I’m not just talking about the strange and twisted web the political sphere is taking….though that is enough to make any sane person vomit.

There was also ten inches of snow. Two visits to the mechanic. Great panic and frustration in trying to learn how to use the homestead’s air compressor (obviously, by Jenna, the fella knows how to use all the tools). Continue reading “The Longest Week”