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Scandinavian Floor

Upstairs, the wood floor (lest you forget, the wood floor we bought at an auction for only $900!), has been…installed…is that the word…for over a year. But not so much downstairs. Despite, having the wood and it sitting in the kitchen, Tyler was waiting on the floor.

For one, he mentioned, he doesn’t like laying it with the Gus pup around. Gus likes to be actively involved in all tasks concerning the house (he is very helpful) and the loud nailing gun kinda freaks him out.

For two, it’s tedious work. And in order to stretch the great bargain that is the wood floor, careful planning was required so as not to run short on pieces.

But, when I left for a three day weekend in the Black Hills, Tyler began the main floor flooring project. And Gus, in turn, would randomly hide throughout the house during the process.

Much of the wood in the house is painted white. This is actually not for time period purposes, but because different types of wood are used throughout and painting them helps it to match. So the fact that we have a consistent wood floor I think really warms up the place.

At some point, which will involve moving into the mud room over a long weekend, Tyler will seal the floor. However, we both really like the light Scandinavian-color of the natural wood, so we will not be staining it.

Currently, the floor is all covered back up by some heavy duty paper and rugs again, to protect it. But it was a glorious two days!

Now, the entry-way into the house, the kitchen and the mud room will all be tiled. I don’t know when, but it will happen at some point.

However, I think both Gus and Tyler will enjoy the tile process much more. Hmmm..except Gus may try to be a little too helpful there as well!

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