House and Acreage Restoration

Living Through Construction

So something about me you may or may not know, is that messiness and disorganization really messes with my head. I’m not a total neat-freak, but I do prefer to live in an environment where items have their proper place. And, the older I get, I further prefer to be more minimal in what I own (negating shoes and clothes and coats-one can never have too many of those items).

It has been a lesson in letting go to live through construction.

For a whole school year, not much work was done inside our actual house. T was focused on the leaning building and the yard. But projects have since moved inside (just in time for an extended rain forecast). Which means the little amount of stuff we do have is constantly moving around to clear a path for the work being done.

I left a slightly organized downstairs and went to the Black Hills for two and three quarters days and came back to this view of our kitchen and mud room:

A mere two days later, even that had changed to this view of the same two rooms:

I’m not exactly sure how to best do the dishes in this situation….with the temporary construction sink standing solo in the middle of the kitchen. But maybe the whole set up will be changed in another week?

All of this is no big deal, really. And it’s temporary. But it does cause some trepidation as to where items will be next and if I’ll be able to keep up my end of the house work. My only charge being a large black and white dog, it doesn’t cause significant confusion for anyone else.

But I still thought it would be amusing to show the flip-side of the projects. I’m not sure what I’ll walk into next!

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