House and Acreage Restoration, Yardwork

April 2018

A pictorial/video review of the snowiest Spring in several years.

Gus, burying his head in eighteen inches of snow in front of the house during one of our April blizzards.

Tyler, cooking us omelets when we were house-bound during a storm. Seriously…we spent the ENTIRE day together. I can’t even remember when that happened last. And below is Tyler snow-blowing our road. There was a rather thick layer of frozen mud under all the snow, so there was no way any of the city plows were going to come dig us out.


Gus, making endless trips with me to the new music school while being squished in the Prius and then, alternatively, sprawling out in the lowered back seat.

And this next video is, after the snow was starting to melt again, Tyler, using his handy-homestead tractor to move his large machining equipment across the yard and into the leaning shed (that is no longer leaning). I took this from the road because 1. I was walking Gus and 2. It was quite scary to see large machine items swaying as Tyler slowly chugged across the yard. You can see our beautiful slough in the foreground of this video. This is where the Mallards live. Well, a couple of Mallards. Whom I think had three to five baby ducks this spring? It is a chore to keep Gus out of the stinky slough and not allow him to chase the ducks to his heart’s content.

Tyler getting back into his favorite hobby-chopping fire wood with an axe. We seem to grow firewood and rocks at the homestead…maybe there’s a future in that?

Here’s to a less-snowy May!

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