Construction, Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration

The West Side 

First, the completed east side of the shed.

The east side.


And by completed, I mean the basics are finished. (We are working against Mother Nature here people, aesthetics are not a top priority). 

But that meant it was time to work on the west side. Once again, we were blessed with a beautiful weekend.

Most of the work happened while I was either at work or walking the dog (because his walks total several hours of the day and I work seven days a week). Fortunately, I did manage to get a few pics of the progress.

The removal of shingles is in fact, a rather nicely framed video.

​Conveniently, the discarded shingles were able to be taken to the construction dumpster in the trowel of the tractor. (Just one more handy reason for having a tractor)!

Then, some of the plywood that was saved from a few years ago was used to fill in the gaps in the roof. Apparently, said plywood was a little bigger than Tyler remembered. But doesn’t that seem better than being smaller than expected?

I also went up on the ladder for about three minutes, holding part of the facia board while Tyler nailed it into place. For whatever reason, I felt completely terrified during this process and was extremely silent. Worried that even breathing too hard would make me fall off the ladder, causing a medical emergency I could not afford financially or mentally and then who would walk the dog for several hours everyday? (I think lack of sleep and helping over my lunch break exacerbated the tension I was feeling-as Sundays tend to be my most stressful day of work).

Nevertheless, the board got up on the roof.

Even with no breaks, Tyler wasn’t able to quite get the roof completed. It’s been a bit of a worry because rain has been predicted…as it always is when there is some project requiring dry weather.

So here’s hoping the shingles can get up before the rain or snow falls!

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