House and Acreage Restoration

Another Season 

A friend walking with Gus.

Well folks there is at least a plan. As the fella tries hurriedly to finish the leaning building, heretofore known as the tractor garage, the plans to return to working on the actual house are at least being discussed. These include, but are not limited to:

1. The wood floor on the main floor

2. The tile in the kitchen and mud room

3. The main floor bathroom

Okay maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I promise it is and it takes money and quite a bit of time. Those three items will make last us through the winter and into the next season for sure.

Apparently, I grew one tiny pie pumpkin and one tiny butternut squash. I can probably make five pumpkin muffins with this little guy. 


In the space between, I have harvested some produce that survived the weed occupation in the garden. (Although even walking towards the giant garden of ragweed that I am growing made me sneeze and cough uncontrollably for a couple of hours). And we have had our first actual overnight guest. Which has confused Gus to no end. (Our guest, fortunately, is a old friend of mine who doesn’t mind having to trek upstairs to share a bathroom with the likes of myself and Tyler. Naturally, I believe her coming to stay has influenced Tyler’s desires to finish the main floor bathroom for future guests).

The mudroom (on the south side of the house) was turned into a guest bedroom. When the main floor bathroom is done, it will allow the guest area to have their own ensuite bathroom.

We have also discovered what is cleverly referred to as “chicken of the wood” mushroom. It’s growing on one of the fallen Black Walnut trees. Supposedly common in the Midwest, it is bright orange and yellow and is used as a vegetarian chicken substitute due to the texture. No, I have not tried it. Tyler has not braved it either…perhaps because we both fear anaphylaxis (being asthmatics who suffer from allergies). I am terribly curious though. Any takers?

This is chicken of the wood mushroom. Aptly named.

The next big hurdle is, truly, just making it through marching band season. I’ve always loved marching band, but this year is proving exceptionally difficult. Whereas I usually spent an hour walking Gus several miles in the morning, I’ve had to cut our walks down to twenty minutes. It’s frustrating, as I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy early morning walks alone with him through the trails. (Which are also very dark at 6am, so now we have a reflective leash and I’ve got several coats (and a vest) of varying degrees of warmth that reflect light so we can walk safely). So marching band interfering with my Gus walks…not a sentence I’d ever think I’d utter. And then there’s the “to-do” about Gus during the competitions. I wish more places let you bring your dog everywhere.

Also, I am completely obsessed and in love with the dog. No shame.

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