Exterior House Work, Finishes, House and Acreage Restoration

August Update

It’s been awhile.

There hasn’t been too much updating happening on the homestead front. And that doesn’t bother me one bit. Because we live here.

Tyler is still working on the shed-in between the five thousand other side gigs and main gigs and yard work/acreage upkeep he has been doing.

He’s building trusses for the new roof. I can hardly believe how many trusses Tyler has built on our property.

I’ve stuck to vacuuming dog hair every single day and attempting to make the inside of the house feel, somewhat orgazinied like a home?

And Gus? Gus has become a cold-blooded killer. He’s disposed of various mice (too enumerous to count), a woodchuck, a vole, and, most recently, a rabbit.

Gus and his dead rabbit. We were very proud.

His hunting is comical, because he just wants to kill animals and then carry them around. He doesn’t eat them, or chew on them…he just…carries them.

The garden has weeds taller than me. I plan on harvesting potatoes soon, and possibly some butternut squash (it may have survived?). Then I will take down the fence and the posts and we will return that part of the land to grass. I’ve decided not to garden until there is some sort of raised bed or concrete block bed or something…anything that works better at weed control. (Even if that means waiting a year or two more).

This is how I am awoken every morning at 6:15am.

Percussion camp is over and band camp is about the begin. Which means, we will soon both be flung into a very busy season. My favorite season-autumn. I’m very much looking forward to it.

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