House and Acreage Restoration, Yardwork

A Brief Easter Update 

For some time I have been wanting to compile a post with a completed project…or, at the very least, one that felt like it had a beginning and an end.

But that hasn’t been the case because there are a number of small projects in the works that are moving along slow and steady, like the tortoise in the race.

So here is some photographic evidence of what has been happening. A complete story will come about at some point I’m sure.

The Tractor 

That’s right! We are definitely rural Americans now! After much searching, Tyler found this dandy. It is a Case International from 1984. So, age-wise, she fits right in. Tyler has been pulling down trees and moving big mounds of dirt that have been sitting around the property. I can’t even begin to imagine how nice this will be for moving snow. Shovels really just don’t cut it when you have a time crunch to get to work.

Bead Board

The paneling is up, the molding on top and it’s currently being painted. It’s terribly lovely and classy. I’m very excited to see it with the wall color (not yet in the works).

The Garden

All the seedlings are growing and out of the incubation period. It’s amazing. I thought I’d have to be much more scientific than I was. But I feel as thought sometimes people make Nature much more complicated than it already is. I’ve already had to transfer my squash plants 🌱 because they’ve grown so quick and strong. These photos are almost two weeks old…so I’m expecting the garden to be blooming quite nicely by the time the frost danger is over at night. I don’t think I’ll ever waste the money to buy plants again.


Gus wants so desperately to be helpful. Like most dogs, I assume, it means a lot to him to have a “job.” So when we are working outside, he comes outside with us. He has spent a number of afternoons with me in the garden, prepping for the plants. And the darling lad copies everything I do. He pulls weeds and grass with his teeth, when I’m pulling weeds. And when I was digging the trench for the potatoes, he whined until I let him help me. He also has a secret talent for finding underground mice nests. The mouse murder rate is quite high in our yard. And despite having to discard of too many baby mice carcasses to count, a quite proud he has found ways to be helpful.
Whatever your religious or spiritual/life journey is, I wish you a Happy Easter and/or Springtime! I highly recommend sitting down to watch a little Jesus Christ Superstar as well. You don’t have to be a Christian to enjoy the sick vocal prowess of the original movie cast, funky 70s beats, and super sad story.

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