Cheap Compost Bin 

In last week’s post, I briefly mentioned that I have been trying to be more economical. In fact, the phrase waste not want not was my New Year’s Resolution. Despite approaching the month of April, I haven’t lost track of chanting my mantra to keep my spirits up and really follow through on this goal.

That means doing whatever you have to to utilize free materials and reuse old materials and only spend money you absolutely have to spend.

After starting my little seeds (broccoli is already sprouting!), my next qwest was a compost bin. 

Super boring.

It was made slightly more interesting by trying to create a compost bin by not spending a dime and having no spatial awareness or engineering skills.

So one breezy morning, Gus and I headed out to backyard with a hare-brained idea. Put together a compost bin using old wood, twine, chicken fence and staples.

And that’s what I did.

Stapling chicken wire to a pallet who’s slats are too far apart.

Using three questionable wood pallets (sitting in our yard for the past three years), I did my best to channel Tim Gunn and “make it work.”

Tying the corners together while Gus tried to figure out how he could help. He helped by trying to sit on my feet anytime I stopped moving.

Delicious compost to be ready in two to nine months. And a delightful way to reduce our one garbage bag a week down to a half garbage bag. Score one for Mother Earth.

There she is, a three sided compost bin held together by twine.

Sorry it’s so hideous Tyler. I’ll let everyone know you had no part in its creation so as not to sodden your good name.

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