Garden Goals

This is the year. The year I have a real garden and proximity to make said garden real.

Gus was trying to be helpful and constantly checking out my progress.

In the previous two garden attempts, I purchased small plants and sewed some seeds directly into the dirt. 

I also had no plans for what to do with twelve zucchini in one day or thirty tomatoes.

Hopefully my plans and rotating planting schedule will make the garden more efficient and by this time next year I’ll have more than just a serving or two of green beans left.

So, this year I hope to be growing:

Red potatoes, Yukon Gold Potatoes and Sweet Corn in the grain family. I will attempt a Good Friday potatoe day. Corn will wait until the second or third week of May for planting.
Spaghetti Squash, Butternut Squash, Zuchinni and eating pumpkins. I hope to roast the seeds for snacking as well.
Jalapeños, Bell Peppers and mini bell peppers. (Germinating as I type this).
Carrots, Green and Wax Beans and Peas. (These are all direct to ground).
Red and Yellow Onions and Broccoli (I’m trying to grow these all from seed this year). Also Watermelon-with seeds from last year’s crop.

And, because I had some of my budget left over, I hope to invest in future produce by starting a blackberry patch, a golden raspberry patch and an asparagus patch (unless that dumb woodchuck tries to dig it up this year again-in which case I will surely get Gus the dog to stalk and kill her).

Little seeds, fingers crossed they will sprout!

As I planted the berry patches, Gus, my constant shadow, attempted to help by eating the grass I was clearing away and pawing at the ground while I dug with the shovel. He tries so hard to be helpful; but little does he know his mere presence and slight obsession with being near me has been the most helpful thing any living creature has done for me.

Golden Raspberry start…it will take at least one year for fruit canes to develop-if it survives.
The blackberry shoot. I gave it a nice wide, sunny area because I would really like blackberries to spread out everywhere. They are one of my favorite fruits, when small and compact. Fruit is much sweeter when it is small.

The next time you read about my garden, I hope there are some little seedlings to show!

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