Cheap Compost Bin 

In last week’s post, I briefly mentioned that I have been trying to be more economical. In fact, the phrase waste not want not was my New Year’s Resolution. Despite approaching the month of April, I haven’t lost track of chanting my mantra to keep my spirits up and really follow through on this goal.

That means doing whatever you have to to utilize free materials and reuse old materials and only spend money you absolutely have to spend.

After starting my little seeds (broccoli is already sprouting!), my next qwest was a compost bin.  Continue reading “Cheap Compost Bin “


Garden Goals

This is the year. The year I have a real garden and proximity to make said garden real.

Gus was trying to be helpful and constantly checking out my progress.

In the previous two garden attempts, I purchased small plants and sewed some seeds directly into the dirt.  Continue reading “Garden Goals”