Finishes, House and Acreage Restoration

Nowhere Man 

This took a terribly long time to snap the chalk line, likely bc I was involved. I should be fired, but T keeps asking for my help…

It is jazz band season. Did you know there was a season for jazz? Early morning rehearsals, late evening rehearsals, traveling to competitions. This does not include me, only my husband. Which is odd, since I have a Masters in Jazz, but isn’t that just the way life turns out? This is the time of year I generally hunker down inside watching movies like some terrible recluse, alone and trying not to spend any money, dreaming of the upcoming spring when I can go on walks and runs and do yard work. 

Setting the first pieces by hand.

It’s not always so bad to be lonely. Tyler told me once that one of his first impressions of me was that I was lonely and maybe a little sad. He met me during the month of January, so I certainly don’t doubt I exuded those particular emotions.  January and February in the rural Midwest are a cacophony of ice and snow and below freezing temps that can isolate even the most fervent introvert.

It’s like being a nowhere man.

I have no idea what he was doing in this photo, but he has been frustrated laying the floor, so I just keep snapping pictures when I can.

But as I advance in years, I have learned that the phrase, this too shall pass, does have some footing in the truth. And I’ve learned today, that despite all of the winter blues that exist during the season of jazz, your own shit doesn’t necessarily matter. Because it will pass and better to focus that energy on doing something for others. Or at least not being a brat.

The beech flooring comes in three plank sizes, which I happen to think makes it that much more awesome.

Tyler has been putting the floor down. It’s kind of loud. But loud only in the way that loudness is amplified when you are surrounded by silence. It’s beautiful though.

Look at that now edge at the opening of the stairwell.

Because of its very light color, we both decided it gives the house a real Scandinavian quality. I’m a bit Norwegian and Swedish (but let’s be honest, I visibly resemble my Irish/Scots roots much more) and Tyler is Swedish and Danish (I believe), so this seems appropriate.

The posts have been placed for the railing.

It’s really nice to have that awful plaster dust covered up on in another part of the house. But since we are living in the house, while the fella puts the floor down, it has made for some cringeworthy feng sui.

Working on the top landing piece for the stairs.

But the days move on, and one piece is added at a time to the floor. And eventually, like the siding, the house will be covered. And this too shall pass.

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