House and Acreage Restoration

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Now that we live in the house, we have fewer visitors. And I know that makes people wonder what state the house is in, since we both repeat that the house is not complete.

View from the front door. An old couch, a temporary cabinet for dishes and the tiny table; which is next to the broken window.

The main floor is the part of the house that is….sparse. But I wouldn’t trade living in a sparse house for anything.

View of the kitchen from the front door. That pile of wood with all the tools on it on the left side of the picture is our beech floor.

Sometimes when I’m sitting in an unfinished part of the house, I imagine a time lapse of all the pieces being completed around me. But the reality of what Tyler completes is always better than my imagined time-lapse.

View south into the dining room. This has been a working/painting area.

Tyler is doing lots of finishing work. For example, I mentioned the possibility of shelves in the laundry closet, and he went right out and started installing and then building and painting shelves. Damn, building a life with that man is the best decision I’ve ever made.

View of the stairs/part of dining area from the NW corner of the house.

What’s left to do? It’s all finishing. Once the windows and doors are all cased (including the broken window that needs to be completely replaced) and the floor is down; the rest of the project is peanuts compared to what it use to be. Yes, there is a whole bathroom on the main floor to complete, but the remainder is painting and cabinets and furniture and finishing the stairs.

The mudroom. The bi-fold doors are the laundry closet and the other door is the bathroom, which is storing a lot of stuff right now. It is not a useable bathroom.

I hope if you are around, you stop by for some coffee or some tea and see it for yourself. It’s a little dusty, but it’s my heaven on earth. God knows we could all use a little heaven.

1 thought on “Heaven is a Place on Earth”

  1. What you have done with this house is utterly amazing. We are so proud of you. I know most days that the sweat, stress, and most likely tears do not seem like payoff, but yr homestead is beautiful, and you did it all yourselves. Love you!

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