Finishes, House and Acreage Restoration

General Electric

For some reason, appliances have been a complicated process for us. In October, I began looking online for possible options for a stove and or fridge and or washing machine.

The washing machine was my top priority. And that Speed Queen has been delightful. 

Now, the scary uber hot hot plate was effective….but does not hold a candle to an actual range.

It’s a gas stove! Even heating and excellent heat control!

Finding appliances for a house where you are trying to avoid styles that not overtly modern made selecting appliances tricky. So many of the most beautiful appliances were outrageously expensive; albeit works of art.

No fancy display, just a little analog clock.

The less expensive ones are hideous. Really you only need an appliance to function, but the cheaper ones are also not very reliable.

Stainless steel handles to contrast the classic white finish.

Like our Speed Queen, we wanted an American-made stove and fridge. General Electric was as close as we could come within our price range. More than 80% of the appliance parts are manufactured in Kentucky, with some smaller parts imported.

The Stove with a Belt scratch across the front.

Fortunately, we found a discontinued series, the GE Artistry Series. The Artistry appliances have a faint look of retro appliances at a more reasonable price.

Yet…we had that problem with the appliances being discontinued.


It became a very long process. We were able to order a stove from a local company. But my dad searched many stores to get us a floor model of the fridge at a reduced price and have it shipped to Iowa. The fridge didn’t seem to exist anywhere else.

Stylish handles

That fridge? Well the store…cough Menards…cough…shipped it freight to us. And they didn’t put it in a box. Just put it on the truck with a strap right across the front. It was covered in dust and the door was scratched through the paint.

Milk, eggs, butter, lettuce, clementines, an onion and coffee. Bet you can guess which food belongs to which Pedersen.

The fridge arrived right after we moved in. The stove arrived three weeks later.

It is beautiful.

I’m in love.

The first thing I made? No bake peanut butter chocolate cookies…the treat we always begged my mom to make when growing up.

That just seemed right.

And many more delicious foods to come.

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