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Definitely not barefoot in the Kitchen

While sitting on the bed (our main piece of furniture in the house) eating a spring roll and drinking mango bubble tea, the wind began whistling all around me.

This happened a couple of days ago also. Tyler has been gone both times I’ve heard the whistle so I’m beginning to wonder if I just might be crazy.

The kitchen the first week

Living in our house is strange sometimes. The kitchen situation is hilarious. I saw my nonagenarian grandmother this weekend and the picture of a lonely microwave and metal shelf actually made her laugh after a rather sad day full of tears.

Our scratched up fridge is now next to the sad microwave cart.

The stove won’t arrive for another week or so, so I went out and bought a hot plate. They aren’t lying when they called those hot plates! (Tyler, I promise I won’t burn the house down!)

Once the stove arrives, I’ll do a full post on the fridge and stove. They are a match set in a retro design. It is a little hard to tell with those scratches across the front…grrr. But, thankfully, the people who forgot to pack the fridge before putting it on the freight trailer are at least now taking responsibility for replacing the scratched door.

We have a utility sink for dishes. The great thing about it is how deep it is. I’ve also been using it to hand wash my wool clothes.

In order to have some type of countertop, I took a partially complete piece of furniture Tyler was building and topped it with a rectangular piece of wood. To protect the wood surface, a plastic drop cloth is taped around the “table top.” That is where the hot plate, toaster and strainer for the dishes sit.

It’s like camping….in a very large RV.

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