Finishes, House and Acreage Restoration

The Speed Queen

There is an awful lot of time and effort going into philosophical and political discussions about American manufacturing jobs.

I wish more of the discussion was coming from the people and places where those jobs are located, from the people who have lost jobs due to automation and moving factories overseas, the people who have moved their businesses overseas, and the people who choose not to support local businessses in order to save a few bucks. 

We may vote at the ballot box, but make no mistake, we cast our votes everyday by where we spend our money.

I cast my vote with a Speed Queen.

She isn’t full of bells and whistles. She is, however, a reliable and hard working member of our homestead.

Speed Queen is a company out of Wisconsin. They’ve been around for quite a long time. The washing machine we purchased is a commercial one, used in schools and medical facilities. It allows me cold, warm, and hot water settings. It allows me mini, small, medium and extra large load sizes. It also has three settings, permanent press, normal wash and delicate with an option for an extra rinse or soak. It’s a top load, making it easy to clean. Even the longest cycle takes less than thirty minutes.

Now, she’s not energy star rated. But when you add in that the average life of this machine is fifteen to twenty years….I couldn’t care less about the energy efficiency rebate or concept.

I feel compelled to add, we have no affiliation with The Speed Queen Company. But the fella wouldn’t mind if they sent us a skid loader for promoting their machines! 😉

Fortunately, a family member gave us a dryer to use until I can afford the Speed Queen Dryer.

They may be hidden behind doors (ahem, that part’s not done yet), but a good and reliable washer and dryer that I don’t need quarters for or have to transport my laundry to are the best part of owning a home.

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