House and Acreage Restoration

Imaginary Day

A photo of my grandfather and Uncle Eldo, goofing off during a demolition project.

Apparently, the lights from the metropolis of Spirit Lake produce enough light pollution that on a cloudy night, the sky glows with a light pink hue around our farmland.

My favorite part of the house.

A fact that only a person who has spent the night at the homestead would know.

We’ve stayed here three nights.

This is our kitchen!

Home ownership has been hilarious, beautiful and emotionally draining thus far.

A tiny bit of our bed frame.

In the first couple of nights we’ve dealt with the evil media company that couldn’t get their shit together and thus have left us without internet. We’ve had an appliance not show up. I’ve eaten a questionable microwave gluten free mac and cheese (it was as disgusting as you are imaging). Tyler crawled up into the attic to stop a clicking sound from the water pipes. And another appliance arrived with scratches across the front of the door because some dinglehead put it on a truck, sans box or any wrapping material of any kind.

Hot, running, drinkable water from a faucet!!

We also watched a doe drink water from a puddle in our driveway, enjoyed the most beautiful shower ever created, slept in a bed that isn’t broken and enjoyed the almost unbelievable silence of our rural existence.

A view from the main floor, the part of the house still under construction.

It’s simultaneously more than I imagined and less than I imagined.

Rows of clothes lining the walls, since we don’t have closets or furniture. Tyler will be building our furniture.

But I am certainly glad I don’t have to imagine anymore.

Hey Grandpa! We finally did it! I wish you were here to to drink a cup of coffee and then get some “fresh air” outside. Tell Uncle Clayton thanks for the photos; they are an excellent reminder of all the fun I’ve been forgetting to have while in this black hole. Maybe it’s about time I climbed out. Love you.

Uncle Eldo is posing on the toilet, my grandfather is standing in his best GQ stance at the same demolition. Looking very suave, might I add!

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