Finishes, House and Acreage Restoration

The Epic Buy

I don’t know about you dear reader, but this past week has been such a mix of sadness and anger and frustration that sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember that all is well…for now. 

We’ve had some rough bouts with the homestead project. Like….having to tear off the entire top of the house. And…digging a giant hole for a new foundation section. Oh and banks. Hard to deal with, fees lurking behind every corner banks.

But there have been a few breaks recently. One of those breaks? The floor!

We were planning on moving into the house with no floor. I mean, there is a sub-floor, but not a finished floor. Then T happened to find an auction. Where they happened to be selling a hard wood floor (beech to be exact) unfinished.

Our proxy bid on the floor and we got it! For about 1/4 the expected cost of such a floor. $970!!! We bought a (unfinished) hard wood beech floor for $970!!!


The floor is not actually on the ground yet. I believe that project will be started once we move in….there are more prominent issues in front of us before the move in.

Side note, I am terribly out of shape. Because moving the planks into the house and upstairs nearly knocked me out. Which is sad, remembering the week I spent moving concrete and rocks from one side of the yard to the other….all day long. If I’m gonna be living on an acreage and a rural live, I’m gonna have to toughen up. Totally excited about having the opportunity to toughen up.

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