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The Vanity

Working on the table saw

We were up at the Menards and turned down the aisle of bathroom vanities.

“So which one do I like best?” Tyler said to me pointing down the aisle. “How well do you actually know me?” 

The beginning of a drawer

I looked down the row. He likes drawers on vanities, not doors. He likes old fashioned looking vanities and nothing too big. He likes feet on his furniture.

I approach a white vanity, the smallest of the bunch and shrug. “This is the closest to what you’ve said you like?” My inflection making my statement into a question. I don’t want to fail the how well do you know your husband game. 

Front of a Drawer


I passed. But, really, it wasn’t a game worth winning. This lovely little white metal vanity that was the size of a vanity fit for a Boston apartment was over $500. I nearly fell over. If we wanted one just slightly larger the price tag would grow. It was the cheapest vanity there. And we were at Menards, which neither of us has ever praised for being high quality.

“Maybe I’ll just build us one.” Tyler said.

“You can do that?” I asked. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Of course he can build a vanity!

So he did. Actually, he built two.

The body of the vanity

Building a larger vanity for far less than the cost of buying a cheaply made one at Menards felt like a win. Some days when working on your very own money pit, I hope you have a day like that. A day where your husband builds a vanity that would like cost $1000 to buy from a catalog. And it makes you feel like you are winning life.

The vanity installed

2 thoughts on “The Vanity”

  1. I love reading your blogs about your house! I am so impressed with what Tyler can do and what you can do working beside him.

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