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The tools you need for coping

This week while I was sleeping and napping and napping and sleeping a lot, Tyler was continuing work on the bathroom. While we are, of course, trying to complete the whole upstairs, the bathroom will be the first complete room. 

What good coping looks like

I am a firm believer that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. Because if you are ever going to be ill and having to spend a lot of time in a tiny room, it might as well be easy on the eyes.

The bathroom wall with trim and edging

Eventually, I ventured out to see Tyler at the house. He was “coping.” Which means, fitting together pieces of edging and trim. Though, let’s face it,  the term is highly ironic. (I’m gonna leave it at that).

Working on the little piece of edging

Always a perfectionist, my dear husband spent a good forty five minutes making sure the edge of the shower has a piece of edging that was accurately sanded down to exactly fit and cap off the end of the row before the tile.

The edge of the shower where the little piece will sit

He was concerned no one would ever even see this tiny piece that he spent so much time and energy making fit. So I came to his rescue-saying I would dedicate an entire blog post to “coping.”

Checking the fit

Now I’m sure you all know, if you didn’t before, the intense work a certain band director puts into even the smallest of details. No point in doing something if you aren’t going to do it right.

The perfect fit

1 thought on “Coping ”

  1. Your house looks amazing. We all appreciate the hard work that has gone into this labor of love, even if it is picking up sticks after a storm. Tyler was blessed with detail talent from many, grandpa Harvey who he never was fortunate to meet, grandpa Jim, who was a quiet one and Tyler stood back and observed, and two great Grandpa Mel and Wayne that were also talented and analytical beyond believe. Your labors have not gone unnoticed

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