Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Tyler’s Tour (Part I)

On the anniversary of us becoming homeowners, Tyler and I recorded a video tour of the house, pre-dry wall. He hasn’t spoken much about the house process since last fall and so there are blog posts here and there about what was happening, but all from my point of view. Albeit hilariously inaccurate at times, my point of view would not be helpful to the mechanically-minded person.

Due to some of the projects being ongoing, blog posts have been piling up on my queue awaiting final pictures or explanations. Interspersed throughout the next few blog posts will be the videos (we have a limited time amount that can be loaded onto the youtube channel at once so we had to make several videos) of Tyler explaining the mechanical, layout and all the details that will soon be hidden in the wall due to drywall. Here is the first installment.

I also want to add, that why I am extremely happy that drywall will be happening, I feel a twinge of sadness. I’m sure some language other than English has a good word to describe this feeling. It’s a relief to bee getting walls, and yet, it makes me nostalgic for all the work Tyler has put into the house that no one will ever see again.

And, strangely, you may notice these blue orbs and shots of light floating in and out of the frame when Tyler is speaking. I don’t know what they are. You’ll see the first one around the one minute mark on the right side of the frame. I messed around with the frames and where I stood to see what was causing the blue lights (a reflection perhaps?) but am totally unsure. Near the end of the last video (not yet posted as of 4/27/16) several blue lights show up. Can someone tell me what they are please, they are either ghosts or a poor cameraman’s technique.

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