Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Spring Fever

This is what our road has looked like for the past six weeks or so…..


So, with the beautiful weather we were having today (it was 60 degrees!), I took a walk down to the house, through the muddy trap known as tenth street (our gravel road) and did a little video to show you where things are so far. (I traversed that road you see in the photo above on foot. I love my little prius, but I have doubts about it’s ability to make it though a muddy bog). The electric wiring is done and we are awaiting inspection. The heating and cooling system is not complete.

While I filmed, Tyler was in the basement cleaning out some of the rocks and debris from the walls for the insulation process. It was dusty, so I didn’t go into the basement. And because of the tools he was using, Prairie Home Companion was blaring exceedingly loudly from the radio during this little tour, hence there was little speaking. Also, that new iPhone camera? Wow.

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