Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Running Cable

So the heaters were lit up again…

On a particularly cold evening, Tyler asked me to come out to the house to help run some cable. We were running a yellow cable from the basement to the upstairs.

The roll of cable, we didn't run all of it, obviously.
The roll of cable, we didn’t run all of it, obviously.

The cables in the basement are all very orderly. Tyler drilled holes in the beams to run everything flat to the floor. I look up at the ceiling in the basement and remember what a mess it looked like when we first took possession of the house. Of course, without electricity back then, I never took a picture of the original wiring in the house. You’ll have to take my word for it.

Cables in the basement ceiling.

And because Tyler is so orderly, he even labeled all the extra pulled cable when hanging it. I thought it was pretty awesome looking, but I get excited by the smallest of things. So I took a few pictures of his labels.




Apparently I had some trouble with this photo’s perspective and angle. Haha!

Tyler also took the excess copper wire and use it to create temporary hooks on which to hang the excess cables downstairs. Which is much better than the rusty nails I spent last winter trying to extract from the boards.


But, I am digressing from the topic at hand (I must have been picture happy that night). Because of the cold and the delicate nature of the cable, both of us were there to pull it through so as not to snag any part of it. Unfortunately, I thought my height was rather limiting on my ability to do so in a respectable fashion. I dare say the hulk may have agreed with my assessment. The floor of the basement slopes and therefore the basement ceiling gets higher the farther south you walk. It’s like a creepy…dungeon…funhouse?


The picture above is of my hand (while I had a moment) pulling the cable through to the first floor of the house. After it was pulled through, it needed to be nailed to the wall with these white attachment pieces. I nailed this one shown below.


Then we pulled the cable up one more level to the upstairs. And wrapped the extra around the outlet. Notice that the wall says “tv.” Although we don’t have tv now and are not planning on paying astronomical bills for cable television, we are running some extra spots for cable and internet in case, somewhere in the future, there is a need for such a frivolous thing. Easy to do the extra work now while the walls are open!


Once that little task was done, we went to Star Wars Episode VII. I am a HUGE Star Wars Fan (I sat in line for hours in high school as the second trilogy released, that was before online movie tickets) and was not disappointed.

And, apparently, there is nothing else to add to this post. So I’m just gonna cut it off…now.

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