Finishes, House and Acreage Restoration


Tried to get an outside shot during a large flake snowfall.
Tried to get an outside shot during a large flake snowfall.

My blog posts once again skipped a week, though this was not due to lack of work on the house.

We have been fortunate to spend almost two years with the wonderful Candy Tycoons. They generously gave us a place a stay and became another family for Tyler and me. Particularly, they have been and continue to be so supportive as we try to get the house done and keep running into obstacle after obstacle. I’m not sure there are words enough to express gratitude for how kind they have been to us. I don’t know anyone who would put up with a couple of thirty-somethings (who aren’t even family) extending their stay over and over and over again. Their generosity is humbling. Thank you for being so awesome. Like seriously. Awesome, terrific, kind, generous, accommodating, fun, delightful…..all the words in the thesaurus.

The reason behind the blog skip is then a basic simple time issue. We were finally able to give the candy tycoons back their freedom and their house. Last week, we moved into an apartment where we will remain for the last stretch of home renovation. So I had a few things to unpack and clean and get settled. Which was a time crunch as I was trying to get everything moved and ready before the negative wind chills hit. I made it, with twelve hours to spare.

So let’s dive right into today’s topic.

Artificial lighting gives me a headache. Especially florescent lighting (oh the buzzing is terrible!), but also the ultra bright LED lights that have a blue hue to them, and those twisty light bulbs that are suppose to be better for the environment. Perhaps it is uncouth, but I am a fan of the sun and a soft, yellow light bulb when necessary.

Because of that, we are limiting overhead lighting in the house. First of all, there wouldn’t have been much overhead lighting in the original house. (It most likely didn’t have electricity for the first forty years or so of its existence anyway). But also, that is one of the reasons we have so many large windows, so that the sun can be the main source of light in our home. And with the living and dining area facing mostly a western exposure, the light will be best utilized for the evenings at home and in the dark and cold winter months.

Drilling for electric wire.
Drilling for electric wire.

So my dear husband came up with a lighting plan that won’t be so bothersome for my eyes. We are going with wall sconces. The lights will be on a dimmer and will direct light in certain darker areas of the living room.

Because the electrician showed Tyler how to wire some of the electric, we selected the location for the sconces and Tyler put the plates in to start the basic wiring. I have barely any photos because I had to leave after we picked the spots for the lights. But, these two are quite artistic, if I do say so myself.

Measuring the west living room wall.
Measuring the west living room wall.
I doubled clicked the shutter and ended up with this photo as well.
I doubled clicked the shutter and ended up with this photo as well. He’s just so darn handsome… 🙂




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