Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Plumbing 101

Tyler drilling a hole for the piping that will lead to the kitchen sink.
Tyler drilling a hole for the piping that will lead to the kitchen sink.

Actually I have no intention on sharing any plumbing information whatsoever on this blog. Because I don’t know a damn thing about plumbing. What I do know is that plumbing is skilled labor and good plumbers are in-demand. If you have even the most remote bit of accountability, I highly recommend you consider a career in plumbing. Continue reading “Plumbing 101”

House and Acreage Restoration

We’re Back

IMG_3106A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Two musicians starting renovating a 114 year-old house. Then the house turned 115. Now, it’s turning 116.

The fall has been difficult for our dear, old house. It has been neglected at times, not due to lack of interest, but lack of sufficient help in achieving outcomes.

Tyler doing a little welding project.
The project included welding a piece together so I could pull this little trailer with the lawn mower to aide in moving giant rocks across the homestead. 

If you remember (all the way back to Spring 2015), I had made a cursory list of the tasks yet to be accomplished. Within this list contained information about electrical, plumbing, the heating and cooling, drywall, insulation….many tasks that require outside contractors for help. If you’ve spoken to me at all during the months of August-December, you may be aware that we have had some difficultly in acquiring the right contractors for some of the labor. Either they had too much work and couldn’t fit us in, or they are shotty workmen and therefore Tyler doesn’t want to use their service or (and this one is the worst here people), they schedule a visit out to our house and then NEVER SHOW UP.

So Tyler spent time doing what he could, to try and fill the hours. Here are some of the things he did.

Putting some insulation on the porch walls with these cool neon green nails to even the wall thickness to match the door. 
Man at Work.
Panorama of Porch, complete with window installed.
View of Kitchen Window installed from inside the house.
Extra trees cut down and cut up for fire wood. 
A blurry picture of a recreation fire to help get rid of the branches that naturally fell off the trees. He burned for maybe three days straight, but we did have marshmallows. 
We found a leak in a window when it rained really hard, so a new window has been ordered. 

At least there is some work to be done now. Just as it’s getting absolutely freezing out. Whoofta, we need to work on our timing. 🙂